What is Photo Geolocation and why is it important?


What is Photo Geolocation and why is it important?


Photo Geolocation is a great feature available in your device which works with the iShopFor Ipsos app, helping you conduct Mystery Shopping visits where a photo is necessary.

Many projects require you to take a photo for example of the outside of the location you are visiting, or items purchased during your task. As part of our validation process, we check all the photos and make sure that they were taken at the correct location and time, which at times can create and a need to return your survey to you for clarification.

Enabling Geolocation allows your device to capture information about the location, date, and time of the photo you take with your phone during the Mystery Shopping visit – and you don’t need to do anything extra!

Having the feature activated will not only ease the communication between you and the team of Validators, avoiding surveys returned for additional info about the location you visited, but it will also speed up the validation of your surveys. In other words, it will save your time and can speed up the payment for your task!

You'll also be contributing to our efforts to ensure that correct locations have been visited and accurately reported in our system and to support our clients.

Activating the Geolocation on your phone for your Phone Camera and iShopFor Ipsos app is easy. If you are not sure how to do it just check the accompanying manual in the links below.

You do not have to worry; the Photo Geolocation is connected only to the picture you take and upload. If you activate the Geolocation as well for the iShopFor Ipsos app and allow location access only while using the app, we will not have any information about your location when you are not using the iShopFor Ipsos app. Your privacy is important for us, and all our systems adhere to the Privacy Policy you agreed to at signup and visible in your shopper portal.

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