How to Write a Professional Mystery Shopper Report

Mystery Shopping is a unique opportunity to earn extra income, as well as try out new products and services. However, the most critical aspect of Mystery Shopping is the report that you submit after conducting the task. In this article, we will guide you on how to write a professional Mystery Shopper Report that accurately reflects your experience, ensuring that you provide valuable feedback and minimize the questions that may arise from the Quality Assurance team.
What is a Mystery Shopper Report?
A Mystery Shopper Report is a set of questions that a Mystery Shopper is asked to answer after completing their assigned task. The report is reviewed by the Mystery Shopping agency for quality control and is then shared with the client to provide feedback. The information in the Mystery Shopper Report is used by companies to assess the performance of their staff, identify areas for improvement, and monitor quality and compliance with regulations. It is crucial that the Mystery Shopper is honest, truthful, and fair in their representation of the experience.
How to Write a Professional Mystery Shopper Report:
A professional report is clear and honest about the experience, with consistent and objective responses. It is important to remember that a real person will receive the feedback, so it should be constructive and professional. Here are some tips to help you write a professional report:

1. Adhere to the Requirements of the Task:
The most crucial aspect of writing a report is to stick to the requirements of the task. Provide an objective description of the task and how the experience took place. Avoid personal opinions and stick to the facts.

2. Provide Adequate Detail:
You are the eyes and ears of the company during a Mystery Shop, so it is crucial to provide a detailed account of the experience. Avoid vague descriptions and instead, provide specific examples of what made the experience positive or negative. Additionally, ensure that any photographs, audio recordings, or video recordings submitted are of good quality.

3. Write in Complete Sentences:
Think of your Mystery Shopper Report as a report card. Use complete sentences, appropriate grammar, and punctuation to clearly articulate your thoughts.

4. Include Accurate Names:
Include the correct names of staff and products, as well as any product or brand information provided during the interaction. If conducting multiple visits, make notes or fill in the report promptly to avoid mixing up the experiences.

5. Proofread Before Submitting:
Always read over your responses before submitting the report. This will help ensure accuracy and minimize the chance of the report being returned or declined.

By following these tips, you can write a professional Mystery Shopper Report that accurately reflects your experience and provides valuable feedback to the client. If you have any questions, our shopper support team is available to assist you. Register to become a Mystery Shopper with Ipsos today!