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Retail Mystery Shopping Opportunities UK

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Love shopping? Well, how about being paid to shop?


Taking part in mystery shopping for retail is not just your chance to review shopping experiences: it’s also a great way to earn some extra money. It’s completely flexible, allowing you to choose the tasks you want, in locations all over the UK.


Sounds good? Well, registration is remarkably straightforward. So sign up today.

How does retail mystery shopping work?

With Ipsos, mystery shopping for retailers is easy. We want you to focus on the experience and pass on your valuable thoughts.


Here’s how the process works:

Select a shop

Choose a shop to review and read the brief so you know what to expect.

Go shopping

Visit the shop, conduct the task as instructed, and soak up the experience.

Create a report

Log in and fill out the survey.

Add the details

We’ll get in touch if we need to clarify any of the information you provided.

Receive your money

Get your agreed-upon reimbursement and/or fee at most 3-4 weeks after your retail visit.


What are the requirements to become a retail mystery shopper?


We – and our retail clients – greatly value the feedback of everyday people. By learning what various groups think of their shops, retailers can adapt to appeal to as many people as possible.


Here are the few requirements that we do have:


      You’re at least 18 years old

      You own a smartphone with internet access: to select your tasks and give your feedback

      You maintain a professional, discreet manner when carrying out tasks

      You have a good level of English, with the ability to communicate effectively

      You supply honest, in-depth feedback

      You can meet deadlines, giving businesses the chance to improve quickly when something isn’t right


If you can meet those requirements and mystery shopping for fashion retail appeals to you, contact us today to get started.


What are the benefits of being a retail mystery shopper?


For many people, retail mystery shopper jobs sound like a dream come true. So what exactly are the benefits of being a Mystery Shopper?

It’s fun

Lots of us just love window shopping, and seeing the latest products and trends on the high street. So what could be better than doing it for work? Plus, keeping your identity a secret from the shops you visit makes it even more fun.

It improves shopping

Retailers take mystery shopper comments very seriously. It helps to identify areas where they could do better, from customer service to shop layout and everything in between.

It pays

For every task, you’ll receive a fee and/or reimbursement for anything you buy. All you have to do is tell us what you thought about your shopping experience.


Being a retail mystery shopper in the UK can be hugely enjoyable. So register now to get started.