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Mystery Shopping Opportunities for Banks

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Becoming a mystery shopper for Ipsos is simple and easy, meaning you can start earning money quicker than you think.


The first step is filling out some important information about yourself, including personal details, contact information and demographics. Once you register to become a mystery shopper, our team will review your application, checking to see whether you have the necessary requirements to fulfil the role. If you're selected, you’ll receive further instructions and assignments as you start your mystery shopping journey with Ipsos.


Reap the benefits of becoming a mystery shopper for Ipsos and get signed up today.

How does bank mystery shopping work?


Traditional mystery shopping for a bank involves getting paid to act like a customer, interacting with bank representatives, evaluating customer service and experiencing various banking services firsthand.


However, due to changing habits and the rise of technology, Ipsos also offers the opportunity to become a mystery shopper online with our iShopFor Ipsos Portal. When you become an online mystery shopper, you’ll be required to assess the online customer experience and measure the service provided online.


Whatever task you’re charged with, the bank's survey will ask you to make notes on your experience and answer specific questions. These answers will tell them where they need to improve and how the offline and online experience could be better for their customers.

What do I need to become a mystery shopper for banks?


To become an Ipsos mystery shopper for banks, certain requirements need to be met. First and foremost, all candidates must be at least 18 years old to take part, supported by a valid ID or driver's licence. You must also own a smartphone and have access to the internet to select tasks and submit your surveys.


There are also desirable characteristics that make some mystery shoppers more successful than others. Strong attention to detail and excellent observational skills are essential to effectively evaluate and provide accurate feedback on customer experiences. You must also adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines and maintain professionalism and honesty throughout every assignment. Excellent spoken and written communication is also necessary.

What are the benefits of becoming a bank mystery shopper?


From earning extra income to enjoying flexible schedules, becoming a mystery shopper for a bank opens up a world of unique advantages. Embrace the thrill of being undercover and uncover the perks that come with being a mystery shopper.

Extra Income on the side


Becoming a mystery shopper for Ipsos offers extra income for your time and effort spent evaluating banking businesses. Ipsos compensates mystery shoppers for completing assignments, allowing you to supplement your regular income. This additional earning potential makes mystery shopping an appealing option for those looking for a flexible and rewarding side gig.

Work when you want


As a mystery shopper for a bank, you have the freedom to choose assignments that fit your schedule. Ipsos offers a range of opportunities to evaluate businesses, allowing you to select assignments that align with your availability. This flexibility enables you to balance your mystery shopping activities with other commitments or responsibilities. Whether you prefer to work during weekdays, evenings or weekends, being a mystery shopper for Ipsos offers the convenience of setting your own working hours.

Help businesses improve their customer service


Becoming a mystery shopper for Ipsos allows you to play a crucial role in helping businesses improve their customer service. By providing detailed and objective feedback based on your mystery shopping experiences, you contribute to identifying areas of strength and areas that require improvement. Your insights and evaluations assist businesses in enhancing their customer service strategies, training programmes and overall performance. As a mystery shopper, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the customer experience, driving businesses towards excellence and customer satisfaction.

Try new experiences for free


You can also try out new experiences for free! Ipsos provides assignments that require you to interact with bank representatives, evaluate customer service and experience various banking services firsthand. We also have a range of tasks for business owners looking to interact with banks. This not only allows you to broaden your knowledge of different banking practices, but also provides valuable insights that contribute to improving the overall customer experience in the banking industry.

How to find bank mystery shopping jobs


Ipsos have new mystery shopping opportunities every day – both in person and online. All you need to do is register today, find a task that suits you and your schedule, and we’ll see if the task is right for you. In fact, we make sure to assign tasks to the people best placed to carry them out.


After applying for your chosen task, Ipsos will send you further information on how to carry out the assignment. Then, once this has been completed, all that’s left to do is wait for your payment. It’s as simple as that.