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Ipsos recognised as Elite member of the MSPA for 2024

Ipsos UK have once again been recognised as Elite Status members of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association, or MSPA. This is an annual assessment of members practices, which helps Mystery Shoppers, and purchasers of Mystery Shopping research know they are working with the very best organisations in the world.  As an elite member, Ipsos Mystery Shopping and iShopFor Ipsos adhere to ethical standards, support sharing thoughts on the Mystery Shopping industry, and contribute to the evolution and betterment of the industry as a whole. One of our UK Leadership team, Andy Firth, is on the Board of Directors where he acts as Vice President of the organisation for Europe and Africa, meaning that he promotes all of these elements to ensure that all MSPA members are delivering best-in-class Mystery Shopping, and lifting the standards of the whole sector.


What is the MSPA?


The MSPA is the representative Trade Association for companies participating in the Mystery Shopping industry, which operates on a regional basis. Ipsos UK are members of the Europe & Africa region, where we work in collaboration with other MSPA member organisations to establish and uphold professional standards and ethics for the industry. The organisation work to educate, improve, and promote the mystery shopping industry through a variety of events, publications, and training. You can learn more about the MSPA and member organisations here.


What are the benefits of working with an MSPA member organisation as a shopper?


As a mystery shopper, you might wonder what the benefits are of working with an MSPA member organisation over a non-member organisation. First, member organisations have agreed to abide by a code of conduct to govern their data collection and reporting. This includes adherence to industry standards for data storage, compliance with GDPR requirements, and fair and equitable handling of disputes. Secondly, MSPA member organisations are committed to learning, and beyond what the MSPA provides, will often provide you with learning and development support to help you do your tasks as a mystery shopper better.


Finally, by conducting mystery shops for an MSPA member organisation, you will get an invitation to have your voice heard in the annual MSPA shopper survey, so it gives you the chance to help shape the industry you are a part of.


Not an Ipsos mystery shopper yet? Sign up today through our quick and easy process, and get earning.


What is MSPA Certification?


The MSPA offer courses to support mystery shoppers in their endeavours through education. The programme was developed after years of shopper feedback to the MSPA that they felt there were no programmes available to them as Independent Contractors. While certification is not necessary, it can be a good way to learn more about how to effectively conduct a shop, and be a great tool to help you earn more through successful task completion. Think of it as your own small business; taking a small step to help increase your skills and credentials can only be a good thing!


MSPA certification is an annual activity, so that the information and test can ensure they are reflecting the most up to date challenges and topics in the Mystery Shopping industry. Want to learn more, or get certified by the MSPA? Click here!


Why Mystery Shop with Ipsos?


As a mystery shopper at Ipsos, you'll have the chance to evaluate and provide feedback on a wide range of businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more. You’ll also have access to a diverse selection of assignments, allowing you to choose the ones that interest you the most.


In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to earn extra income while enjoying flexible scheduling options that fit your lifestyle. And for your time and efforts, we provide fair compensation for completed assignments and offer payment following a regular schedule.


By becoming a mystery shopper at Ipsos, you'll not only have a rewarding side hustle, but you'll also contribute to improving the customer experience for businesses and consumers alike. So, why not register to become a mystery shopper today?