Can Mystery Shopping Be a Full-Time Job?


Can Mystery Shopping Be a Full-Time Job?

Can Mystery Shopping Be a Full-Time Job?


Mystery shopping is a fantastic opportunity to earn money and rewards, with flexible hours to fit around your life. It stands out as a dynamic approach to gaining financial rewards, exploring new places, and influencing service quality across industries, making every assignment a unique adventure. Plus, it’s easy to register to become a mystery shopper.


What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a way to get paid to provide feedback as part of market research assignments across retail, travel and tourism, dining and banking. It involves posing as a customer for brands out and about, or online in the comfort of your own home. Mystery shopping is important as it allows brands to uphold a high standard of service across their stores and online.


Mystery shopper opportunities might include online purchases, asking questions to customer service on the phone, video mystery shopping or mystery dining opportunities. Following your assignment you’ll be asked to report on your experience and answer specific questions about all aspects of your interaction. Your answer will help pinpoint where improvements are necessary to maintain reputable customer service. You’ll then be paid for your input.


Can mystery shopping be your full-time job?

Mystery shopping offers a unique and flexible way to earn income, and although it is generally not considered a full-time job, it is a fantastic way to gain supplementary income with perks such as free meals, products and services.


Assignments can range from simple evaluations with minimal compensation to more complex tasks that offer higher payment. The exciting nature of mystery shopping is this variety of tasks, with variable pay rates, at different times and locations. Whilst this might make it more challenging to rely on as a standardised consistent full-time salary, it does offer many benefits as a popular side hustle. Earnings can be maximised by focusing on efficiency, selecting tasks that fit your schedule within a convenient location. By strategically choosing assignments and always providing high-quality feedback, mystery shoppers can optimise income and delight in the rewarding experience of this unique opportunity.


Can mystery shopping be a part-time job?

Mystery shopping can work well for those seeking flexibility and the opportunity to earn additional income. It means you can work according to your own schedule, choose assignments that fit your availability on a part-time basis, and pick tasks that are of particular interest to you. The tasks vary greatly, from simple retail mystery shopping to more detailed service evaluations, phone calls and online shopping experiences. While the compensation for each assignment might not match that of a full-time salary, it can provide a brilliant boost to your income, serving as a desirable side hustle. Plus, the non-monetary benefits like free meals and products add value to the role, making it an appealing option for many.


As the nature of the work is so varied, mystery shopping suits those seeking flexible part-time opportunities, offering a rewarding way to leverage free time to earn extra money or enjoy perks while contributing to the improvement of customer service across various industries.


How much can you expect to earn through mystery shopping?

Payments depend on the assignment’s complexity, industry, and location, ranging from small amounts for simple tasks to more significant sums for complex or specialised assignments. In addition to monetary compensation, mystery shoppers may receive non-monetary benefits like free products, meals, or services, enhancing the appeal of these opportunities.


Reimbursements for purchases made during assignments are common, allowing you to assess customer experiences authentically without being out of pocket.


Several factors influence the amount you can earn, including how complex the assignment is, the economic dynamics of the industry that task is in, where it’s located and the availability of shoppers in the area. Despite these variables, all shoppers are rewarded a set fee for their efforts, with opportunities appearing for more exclusive tasks as experience improves.



What are the benefits of mystery shopping as a side hustle?

There are plenty of mystery shopping benefits from both a personal and professional perspective. Firstly, it offers the opportunity for you to enjoy new experiences and visit places you may not have otherwise, from dining at restaurants to shopping at exclusive stores to mystery shopping for banks. As a mystery shopper, you get a great sense of variety and flexibility with your tasks. This can range from onsite visits to online transactions, opening the door to earn money conveniently from home or on the go. This flexibility also means you can fit in tasks to fit your schedule, making it an ideal side hustle for those looking to earn extra income.


Beyond personal gains, mystery shoppers play a crucial role in improving business practices. By acting as the eyes and ears of companies, providing detailed feedback on customer experience you’re helping businesses ensure their service standards are met consistently across all locations. These reports can lead to improved training and a higher level of customer service, benefiting both the brands and future customers.


How can you become a mystery shopper with IPSOS?

Becoming a mystery shopper with IPSOS is easy, simply register for free, filling in a few details. If you’ve never done mystery shopping before, don’t worry; there are no qualifications needed, and our briefing process will help you, providing detailed instructions on how to carry out the task. There are certain requirements, such as:


        Mystery shoppers are required to be 18 years old or older.

        A smartphone and interest access are essential for choosing assignments and submitting your mystery shopping reports.

        Successful candidates must meet deadlines, provide honest and constructive feedback, and maintain professionalism and discretion.

        Proficiency in English and meticulous attention to detail.


Want to find out more? Read our FAQs to answer any questions you may have before signing up.


Mystery shopping presents a unique chance to blend earning with exploration, perfect for those looking for flexible, varied opportunities. Whether as a side hustle or part-time endeavour, it offers valuable insights to brands. With so many industries needing your assistance, why not register to become a mystery shopper today?