Can You Put Mystery Shopping on a CV?


Can You Put Mystery Shopping on a CV?

Can You Put Mystery Shopping on a CV?


Curious if mystery shopping can amp up your CV? Mystery shopping isn't just about secret tasks; it's a chance to develop valuable skills that employers love. From attention to detail and communication to reliability and adaptability, it's a great opportunity to showcase your abilities. Below, we take a look at how mystery shopping can benefit you and your CV, turning those undercover experiences into a professional advantage. 


What is mystery shopping?


Mystery shopping is a research method used by businesses to evaluate the quality of their services or products from a customer's perspective. It involves hiring individuals, known as mystery shoppers, to pose as regular customers and assess various aspects of the business, such as customer service, cleanliness, and compliance with company standards.


Mystery shoppers will then provide detailed feedback on their experiences, helping businesses identify areas for improvement and maintain high service standards. In fact, this valuable insight allows businesses to make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay competitive in their respective industries.


Can you put mystery shopping on your CV?


Yes, including mystery shopping on your CV can demonstrate valuable skills such as attention to detail, communication, and reliability.


You can list it under a "Relevant Experience" or "Additional Experience" section, highlighting your ability to evaluate businesses from a customer's perspective and provide detailed feedback. You should emphasise any specific achievements or responsibilities, such as completing assessments within deadlines or contributing to improvements in service quality.


While our mystery shopping opportunities may not be directly related to every job, it does showcase your initiative, professionalism, and ability to provide valuable insights, which can be attractive to employers across various industries.


What skills does mystery shopping demonstrate that look good on a CV?


Just like other regular jobs, mystery shopping also provides a unique avenue to develop and demonstrate a range of valuable skills that can enhance your CV. By evaluating businesses from a customer's perspective, mystery shoppers hone their attention to detail, communication abilities, and problem-solving skills.


But that’s not all. Take a look below at what else mystery shopping demonstrates.


Writing skills


Mystery shopping showcases writing skills through the creation of clear and concise reports. While you don't need to be a literary genius, mystery shoppers need to express their observations and evaluations in a structured and understandable way, making sure that the reports are thorough and easy to follow. This demonstrates the ability to communicate ideas effectively, provide valuable feedback, and convey information in a professional manner.


Additionally, paying attention to detail in written documentation shows a commitment to excellence, making it a valuable skill to highlight on a CV.


Attention to detail


Mystery shopping also demonstrates attention to detail through meticulous observation and evaluation of various aspects of a business. You should carefully note subtle details such as staff behaviour, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere, making sure that no aspect goes unnoticed. By diligently documenting these observations in your reports, mystery shoppers show their ability to notice nuances and provide comprehensive feedback. This attention to detail is crucial for accurately assessing the customer experience and identifying areas for improvement.


Organisation and ability to meet deadlines


Another skill that you can expect to develop is organisation and the ability to meet deadlines. They meticulously plan tasks, schedule visits and ensure they meet specified deadlines. This requires juggling various responsibilities while maintaining accuracy and thoroughness in assessments. Whether it's completing reports promptly or adhering to task timelines, organisation is essential.


Mystery shoppers must also prioritise tasks, allocate time effectively, and stay on track to meet deadlines.


Their ability to manage tasks efficiently while maintaining quality reflects strong organisational skills and a commitment to meeting obligations punctually, demonstrating reliability and professionalism in their role.


Ability to follow instructions


The ability to follow instructions is paramount when it comes to mystery shopping. Shoppers must carefully read and understand assignment requirements from Ipsos, making sure their evaluations meet the specified criteria.


Accurate execution, like noting specific behaviours or evaluating service, is also essential for providing valuable feedback. In fact, success in mystery shopping largely depends on following instructions precisely, showing thoroughness and dedication to meeting client expectations.


By consistently following instructions, shoppers prove their reliability and conscientiousness, qualities valued in many work settings.


Honesty and reliability


Mystery shopping demonstrates honesty and reliability by requiring shoppers to provide truthful and unbiased feedback about their experiences. Shoppers must accurately report their observations, including both positive and negative aspects, without bias or exaggeration. Consistently delivering honest and reliable assessments showcases integrity and trustworthiness, traits valued by businesses and clients alike.


At the same time, meeting deadlines and adhering to task requirements demonstrates reliability and professionalism. And by upholding these standards, mystery shoppers establish themselves as dependable and credible evaluators, contributing to the integrity of the mystery shopping process and creating trust with clients.


Ability to work independently


Finally, mystery shoppers are able to work independently and efficiently. Shoppers need self-motivation, time management, and decision-making skills to get the job done. More specifically, following detailed guidelines, meeting deadlines, and giving precise feedback all show you're reliable and accountable. And handling different situations and providing thorough responses also proves you're adaptable and take initiative.


This role shows you can thrive without someone managing you, which is valuable in many job settings. It's all about being able to handle tasks independently and deliver results without needing constant supervision.


What other information should you include about your mystery shopping experiences?


Aside from the skills you have gained from mystery shopping, it's important to provide a narrative that offers insight into your background and capabilities on your CV. This could be the duration of your involvement in mystery shopping, the companies or agencies you've worked with, and the types of assignments you've completed.


You should also mention the frequency of your mystery shopping activities, whether it's part-time, full-time, or occasional, which can also give employers an understanding of your level of commitment.


Additionally, highlight any notable results or impact from your mystery shopping efforts, such as improvements in customer satisfaction or changes implemented by businesses based on your feedback. This narrative approach provides context and depth to your mystery shopping experiences, demonstrating your expertise and effectiveness in this field.


Why choose IPSOS for mystery shopping opportunities?


As a premier global provider of mystery shopping opportunities, our extensive network has forged great partnerships with numerous renowned brands. Each day, we introduce new tasks, covering everything from retail experiences and dining evaluations to ticket reservations and bank enquiries, making sure we suit a variety of interests. You can even become a video mystery shopper, going undercover to capture real-time shopping experiences.


For those new to the world of mystery shopping, we make sure the process is simple. Our dedicated shopper support team is readily available via phone and email during designated hours, offering comprehensive guides and instructional videos to ensure a smooth start to your shopping journey.


Regardless of your level of experience, once registered as a mystery shopper, you gain immediate access to a wide range of available opportunities. There's no need to limit yourself to a single sector; feel free to explore and expand on your experiences.


For extra help and assistance, take a look at our FAQs, or you can reach out directly to a member of our team for personalised support.