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Privacy Policy

How we use your information

This webpage was created by Ipsos s.r.o.

The data provided are conjointly used by Ipsos s.r.o and Ipsos Limited Partnership Canada.

Ipsos s.r.o, Private Limited Company, company registered in the Czech republic (located on Topolská street, Černošice, place of business on Na Příkopě street 22, Slovanský dům, 110 00, Prague 1, registered in the Commercial Register with the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, inset 90694, registration date 28.12.2002, IN: 26738902, TIN: CZ26738902, : Ltd inset number 15811/B, IN: 35730609, TIN: 2020210720). Ipsos s.r.o is part of the Ipsos worldwide group of companies.

Ipsos Limited Partnership Canada,whose registered office is 300 - 160 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W 1B9

This privacy policy explains how we (Ipsos s.r.o and Ipsos Limited Partnership Canada) use any personal information we collect about you (“Mystery Shopper”,”You” or “Your”), when you join our iShopFor Ipsos on-line panel / network (“Panel”), take part in surveys or use the iShopFor Ipsos Website and our Platform supplied by Shopmetrics.


  1. What information do we collect about you?
  2. How will we use the information you provide?
  3. Use of Cookies and similar code?
  4. How long will we keep the information you provide?
  5. How you can get access to your information and/or correct it?
  6. How do you ensure my personal information is secure?
  7. How to contact us?
  8. Changes to our privacy policy
  9. Useful links


1. What information do we collect about you?

We collect the information you provide in completing our recruitment form when you decide to join our Mystery Shopper Panel / Network. Through this website, Ipsos may collect information that can specifically identify you, such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address when you voluntarily submit it to us.

We also collect the country and language preferences you have selected when registering on the webpage. 

Other informations are collect in our name by our Plateform Supplier Shopmetrics on their website, when you fill out your Mystery Shopper Profile, Voluntarily complete any of the surveys you to participate in, or you provide feedback, comments or other information.


2. How will we use the information you provide?

We will use the information you provide to:

  • Keep a record of all Mystery Shoppers.
  • We use your name, telephone number and email address to contact you when tasks are available or if we need to validate any of your responses; and to give you feedback on the tasks you have undertaken for us. We use your postal address, date of birth, gender and other responses given to ensure that you match the profile requirements set out by our clients. 
  • We may also use these details to analyse the responses from all shoppers and determine whether or not any trends amongst certain profiles emerge. 
  • Send you invitations to participate in surveys that are relevant to you based on the information you provided on your Mystery Shopper Profile, or by answering emails surveys.
  • Send you an email to your electronic address containing a verification code, in order to verify your application and activate your Mystery Shopper account, when you sign up to our Mystery Shopper Panel / Network.
  • Append personal information about you to your responses to any surveys you participate in, such as geographical location, occupation categories etc. for analysing the survey responses and producing anonymous, statistical research results.
  • Enter you into any prize draws that you are eligible to take part in or, where invited to do so, have asked to be entered.
  • With your explicit consent when asked in a survey, to pass your individual survey responses together with your personal information to the client who commissioned the survey. The client will use this information only for research purposes as explained in the survey. The client may also use this information to contact you to invite your participation in further research they conduct, or training, but only where you have been informed of this and have explicitly consented to your information being used by the client for this purpose.
  • To create anonymous, statistical profiles of Panel / Network membership based on the information provided by Mystery Shoppers.
  • With your consent, to pass your information to other Ipsos Group companies so that they may invite you to participate in research studies they are carrying out and that may be relevant to you.
  • Send you by email, electronic newsletters, mobile notifications, announcements and other communications as you agreed in the registration process.

We may also send your information to our sub-contractors who may carry out some of the work we do on our behalf, and under our control and responsibility. However, they are required to abide by the same data privacy legal requirements and security arrangements as ourselves.

We will NEVER use your information for any purpose other than research and as described in this policy. Other than in relation to this Panel / Network, we will not try to sell you anything, nor use your information for marketing purposes. Nor will we ever pass your information to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes.

For more information about our Panel / Network, Panel / Network membership or information related to your membership of one of our Panels / Networks, please contact our Shopper Support Team. They can be contacted by:


Ipsos Mystery Shopping
160 Bloor Street East
Suite 300

Toronto, ON   M4W 1B9

Email sent to:


3. Use of Cookies and similar code?

By joining our Mystery Shopper Panel online and taking part in our Mystery Shopping Tasks, you agree to our use of cookies and similar technologies and the collection of information from your PC/Laptop or other computing device you may use whilst taking part in our Mystery Shopping Tasks and research activities as outlined below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that enable the visited website to remember your actions and preferences over a period of time so you don't have to keep re-entering them whenever you return to the site. Cookies are not dangerous, however, they are significant for privacy protection. Cookies cannot be used for identifying individual visitors to the website, nor for fraudulent use of login credentials.

Our website collect information using 'cookies' and functionally similar technologies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer. Specifically, in respect of cookies, further details of what cookies are can be found by visiting

Cookies we use

We use cookies for maintaining the view from the mobile version of the website to the desktop version, to remember your preferences while browsing the website and to track your answers to surveys.

The complete list of cookies and similar technology that may be used in connection with this website can be found on Cookies.

It is possible for you to delete 'cookies' or to prevent their use by adjusting the browser settings on your computer. However, if you do prevent our website from using cookies, it will not work properly and you might not be able to participate in this Mystery Shopper Panel.

Consent to use cookies

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, unless the user changes the settings in the browser. By using this website, you give your consent to use cookies. However, you can restrict or block cookies using your browser settings. For more information about cookie settings select your web browser from those listed below:

For more detailed information about cookies use on iShopFor Ipsos, contact us at:


4. How long will we keep the information you provide?

We will keep the information you provided when you joined our Mystery Shopper Panel, together with any information you provided in response to a recruitment questionnaire for as long as you remain a Mystery Shopper of the Panel / Network. You can leave the Mystery Shopper Panel at any time you wish. We may also remove you from our Panel / Network, if you are not taking part in any surveys, are no longer eligible to be a Mystery Shopper for any other reason, or the Panel / Network is closed. Before removing anyone from our Panel / Network, we will try to contact them to let them know and provide details of how to remain a Mystery Shopper where appropriate. However, in the event we consider you breach Ipsos Limited Partnership Canada rules or Terms and Conditions, Ipsos Limited Partnership Canada may remove you from our Panel / Network without any notice and your access to the Mystery Shopper website and to your points account will be closed.


5. How can you get access to your information and/or correct it?

Through our Shopper Portal IshopFor Ipsos, (Shopmetrics) you have access to all the information we hold about you. You can edit those information at any time.  


6. How do you ensure my personal information is secure?

We take our responsibilities to keep your personal information secure very seriously. As such we take every reasonable precaution to ensure your information is protected from loss, theft or misuse. These precautions include appropriate physical security of our offices, controlled access to computer systems, and use of secure, encrypted internet connections when collecting personal information.


7. How to contact us

For more information:

  • About our Mystery Shopper Panels, Panel / Network membership or information related to your membership of one of our Mystery Shopper Panels,
  • About our privacy policy, our compliance with data protection laws or information we hold about you

please contact our Ipsos Shopper Support Team. They can be contacted by:

Email sent to:

Or by letter sent to:

Ipsos Mystery Shopping
160 Bloor Street East
Suite 300

Toronto, ON   M4W 1B9

8. Changes to our privacy policy

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this webpage. We will also inform you of any changes via the news section of the Mystery Shopper‘s website. Our privacy policy was last updated on 07/01/2018. 


9. Useful Links

World organisation for market research - ESOMAR:

Mystery Shopping Providers Agency – MSPA: